I am kabē, or Karen, as you prefer. I am a Belgian illustrator/visual artist and painter. I was born in a small country almost as big as Belgium but on a completely different continent: Africa. My parents travelled a lot with me as a baby and as a child. That’s probably how I inherited the itchy feet gene. I absolutely love backpacking. It’s one of my favorite things in this world, as well as creating. 

What do I do?

I don’t remember what it felt like to draw when I was a child, but I do know that I have always drawn. I like to experiment, to draw what comes out of my head, emotions, moments, attitudes, plants, flowers, characters (some weirder than others).

Sometimes I make digital illustrations, sometimes they are handmade. Sometimes I paint, sometimes I photograph, sometimes I do crafts, sometimes I do mini animations just for fun. In short, I like to do different kinds of things. I also like to create childish illustrations. It’s another world.

There is a quote from Salvador Dali that I love and that defines my state of mind when I am creating: “When we are asleep in this world, we are awake in another”. It’s exactly that.

I also love to wander the streets without any goals, to look up and see what is above my head, to sit on a bench and watch people. It is inspirational.

Now you know me a little, just what is needed to create great projects together.

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See you soon ☆